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"Creativity is intelligence having fun!"


Our mission is to encourage creativity and sense of accomplishment through the joy of art, focusing on the process of art and stimulating creative and intellectual development.

Our Art Program consists of weekly Mixed Media Art Lessons with the goal to inspire creativity and self-expression. Each lesson focuses upon developing skills, learning techniques and expanding knowledge. New materials and techniques are introduced to nurture their discovery of art through drawing, painting, printmaking and sculpting.

We strive to provide the right environment and necessary tools to encourage children to discover their individual styles and preferences, stimulating their thoughts, feelings, and perception in a way that inspires and encourages each child to express their ideas visually, while offering individualized guidance during the creative process as needed.

Children will be exposed to art history, famous artists and the elements of art, expanding their artistic expression. Even though drawing is the foundation on all of our classes, our focus is on exposing students to a wide variety of art  mediums.