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We are extremely excited to share that we WON the TMoM 2014 CHOICE AWARD for FAVORITE CHILD ENRICHMENT PROGRAM!  

We truly love what we do and try our best to ensure that every child who comes to the studio to create with us has a positive and fun learning experience. We are so grateful for all the parents who encourage and support their children's creativity by letting them spend so much time with us!  We are so humbled and honored to be recognized for our efforts! THANK YOU!

For homeschool groups, our Mixed Media Art Classes are offered at the same time for all different age groups (kindergarten through 8th grade 5 yr. olds to 14 yr. olds). Siblings can come to our Art Classes together and all enjoy a unique curriculum enriching experience. Children will be grouped by age to work on age appropriate mixed media projects.  


Increase Your Child's Learning Potential



At Little Blank Canvas, our emphasis is on the process of art and stimulating creative and intellectual development. We offer a wide variety of art projects designed for any group age from Kids 18 months to 14 years old. All kinds of media are used in a safe, fun, and engaging environment.


LBC, located in High Point, NC is a great place to meet families with the same age children and get messy. You can partner with your child and participate in the process of creating art without having to worry about cleaning up the mess, the walls, the floor, or your favorite sofa!


Our program is designed to help encourage your child's creativity and sense of accomplishment. Children will explore and play with a variety of media and showcase their art work at the end of our program. They will see their artwork displayed in a fun gallery set up just for them! Displaying your child's project and praising them for their accomplishments are keys to creating self-confidence and a sense of pride in themselves.


Join us now at Little Blank Canvas to brush up on your creativity and explore your artistic side!




SAT scores of kids can also be affected by art. In 2002, The College Entrance Examination Board did a comparative study of the scores that belonged to students who had some form of arts training and those who had none at all. The study showed that students with arts training scored 57 points higher on the mathematics part of the test and 41 points higher on the verbal part of the test. 


"Art teaches children to embrace the many different pathways that can be taken when solving a problem. Children discover the strength of their vision, and grow confident with their ability to make choices."


-Gena Segno, MA, art curriculum specialist, author, member of National Association of Art Educators