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but we are virtually offering all our programs!

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An Award Winning Studio offering a creative, educational and original Fine Art Curriculum with classes, workshops and painting sessions to inspire students of all ages!


Little Blank Canvas is about art, fun, hands-on educational projects. It's about discovering new solutions, ideas and different ways to express our imagination and creativity in a safe and engaging place, while learning valuable skills.

At LBC we believe that there are no mistakes in art and we value originality, creativity and self-expression.


FLAVIA NAZARETH - Founder/Creative Director/Instructor


My name is Flavia Nazareth and I'm the founder of Little Blank Canvas.

I have always loved the arts. Music, performing arts, visual arts, you name it. My whole life, since I was a little girl, I have always enjoyed playing with paint, papers, glue, glitter, clay and all the possibilities these different materials would let me create. I was fortunate enough to have a very artistic father and a great home Studio full of magic.

I was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and have always been exposed to arts. My father was my art teacher for many years in Elementary School and we also used to draw, paint and make a mess together in our home studio. We used to go sailing as a family and he always had a sketch book with him and a couple of charcoals and chalk. He was an artist, an architect, an inventor, and a dreamer. He taught me to believe in my dreams and showed me that creativity is a powerful tool in life. He was never afraid of being right or wrong when he was creating his art. He was present, right there, and discovering new ways to express himself thought different mediums. It was fun to watch him experiment with new ideas and possibilities, and enjoying his process of creating his work.

As I was growing older, the pressure to have a career pushed me away from my artistic side, and off I went to law school, got my degree and practiced law for over a decade.

After moving to the US in 2006, I started to paint again and one day, as I was looking at my unpainted BLANK CANVAS waiting for inspiration, I realized my life was but a BLANK CANVAS waiting for me to brush on new colors and create whatever dreams I wanted to turn in to reality.

After years of research, classes, books and workshops, I opened my very own Children's Art Studio. My mission is to inspire children of all ages to use art as a magical tool to a happy, creative and fun life, enjoying the process and all the possibilities available!

I believe in educating people to think, experiment and take chances. Because Life is supposed to feel good!