Art Class Hub

In Person art program

On the go

In person art classes anywhere in the Triad NC.

We bring the art program to your place, club, backyard, school and to your group!

We can meet as often as you would like, without repeating a lesson!

Art Techniques, Art Movements, History, Geography and even math!

Lessons involve more than just techniques. Projects include learning opportunities about art movements, historical elements, geography, and even math.  

Important skills and a fantastic learning experience whiling having fun and creating art!

We bring the Art Supplies

The Studio provides all high quality art materials for each student, and we take care of the set up and clean up!

Age groups

We are trained to teach art to kids ages 2 yr and up. In over 8 years in the art education business, we have just the right curriculum for each age group, from toddlers to teens, and all ages in between!

Rich exploration with a variety of media

Art Students are exposed to different materials each class for a rich exploration of a wide variety of styles.


Watercolor, drawing, painting with acrylic, modeling clay, cutting and gluing, collages, printmaking, just to name a few! 

Process Art meets Masterpiece!

We focus on the process, on the experience. However, after years teaching art to kids of all ages, we encourage a well balanced mix of techniques and materials and the results are always incredible. So free up space on your walls!