Art & Media Programs

Youth Gaming & Media Studio

An original and interactive program with ONLINE live classes in Digital Painting/Drawing, Animation and Game Design.

Teen's Art


An advanced program for teens, exploring multi media art techniques and styles

Mixed Media Art Studio

An online LIVE Program focusing on Fine Art principals and exploring a variety of art materials and techniques.

Monthly & Special


Workshops, Kids Night Out, Digital Jams and Holiday and special events 

Private Digital and Art Classes

Designed to assist students that are looking for a specific type of curriculum and/or a special set up of lessons

Educational, fun and hands-on Programs

Both Art and Digital Programs are designed to encourage students to explore and expand their creativity and imagination in a safe atmosphere.  We provide just the right balance for a fantastic learning experience.

All materials are recommended by our Experts

Yep, we will recommend a list of supplies for you to purchase with links for each product on amazon. We are always looking for the best brands at an affordable price with the convenience of an online shopping experience!

Every year a new curriculum

As our students grow, expand their knowledge and return every year, we also prepare a completely new curriculum, designing original, educational and innovative lessons for all age groups, in both art and digital programs. Students can attend classes every year without repeating projects over and over.

Referral Fee

When you refer a friend to the studio and they become a registered student, you get 10% off your next monthly tuition!


(one referral fee per month only - for as many months as you bring new students in!)


Sharing about our studio and classes is a great way to connect our community to a great educational program 

Low Student: Teacher ratio

Our classes are small to allow teachers and students to connect. We strive to keep students engaged and able to express their own individual style.

Art Techniques, Art Movements, History, Geography and even math!

Lesson may involve more than just techniques. Projects include learning opportunities about art movements, historical elements, geography, and even math.  

Important skills and a fantastic learning experience whiling having fun and creating art!

Rich exploration with a variety of media

Art and Digital Students are exposed to diferent materials and software each class for a rich exploration of a wide variety of styles.


Watercolor, drawing, painting with acrylic, modeling clay, cutting and gluing, collages, printmaking, just to name a few! 


Please read our policies before signing up for classes.

Missed classes, sick policies, attendance and more. 

Learn about our policies here

Pausing your registration

We know life changes for every family. So if you need to pause your membership and return at a later time during the same school year, you are welcome to come back for a discounted enrollment fee.

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Children's Art Studio is mobile now! We travel to you! Virtual, Live Streaming Programs also available.