Video-lessons online for your kids to learn, have fun and make art anywhere, anytime.

Perfect for ages 6-12 yr to work independently



It is great to see
kids solving their own daily challenges in a creative and original way!

Instead of coming to you to be rescued, when faced with a challenge, they would think it through and find their own unique way to solve it, feeling empowered, independent and confident.

Investing in our kids' creativity and in their artistic abilities will open a future/universe filled with infinite possibilities.

By giving your kids the opportunity to think creatively and find their own ways to deal with new situations, you are opening up the space for them to walk independently and safely into their own future. 
And if they enjoy making art, they are already half-way there!

By encouraging a creative, artistic and engaging exploration, you are investing in your kids' future, in a world filled with unlimited possibilities.

We, at Little Blank Canvas, believe in investing in creativity and originality. With that in mind, we created the only ONLINE ART COURSE that encourages creative freedom and problem solving skills, applying our own methodology.

The perfect program for you to invest/encourage/support your kids' developmental process.

I am Flavia Nazareth, an artist with over 15 years of experience, and I will guide your kid through an artistic and creative world/universe/path, filled with fun, original and educational projects, encouraging creative thinking and self expression.

Get your Art video lessons and start creating today! 

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