Offered during the School Year. 


At Little Blank Canvas, our emphasis is on the process of art stimulating creative and intellectual development with Fun Fine Art Lessons.


Our art lessons are designed to be educational and engaging allowing students to explore and expand their creativity in a welcoming environment.

Students learn about art movements, history, different mediums, elements of art and more while having fun!


(Important Alert: Save some wall and shelf space as you may want to frame all artwork created at the studio!)


The Details

What is the class format, age groups, pricing and availability?

Little Blank Canvas - homeschool classes offer an exciting format for art exploration with hands-on Fine Arts. For homeschool groups, our Art Classes are offered at the same time for all different age groups (5 yr. olds to 10 yr. olds and 11 yr and up - same time but two different groups/instructors). Siblings can come to our Art Classes together and all enjoy a unique curriculum enriching experience. Children will be grouped by age as follows: 5 yr - 11 yr olds and 12 yr and up to work on age appropriate mixed media projects. (each group in a separate space with different art instructors)

Two great ways for homeschoolers to take Art classes at LBC:

Option 1: Weekly Classes in the afternoon at the Studio. Check out our weekly schedule for age appropriate mixed media class options for your child. A 10% sibling discount is available. Option 2: Weekly Classes in the morning for Your Group: If you have a group of 5 or more students, we can plan a private weekly class at our Studio just for your group. Classes are available for children ages 5-14 years Wednesdays from 10:30 to 11:30am. Classes run for one (1) hour through the School Year. Children will be grouped by age to work on age appropriate projects when needed. Join our Wednesday class at 10:30am anytime during the school year for a pro-rated fee.

Pricing & Hours

$25 per single class or $80.00 per month, plus one time set up fee when a family first registers at the studio (one fee per family. All fine art materials provided by the Studio). Wednesday from 10:30 am to 11:30 am weekly.

Can you tell me more about the digital program?

We limit classroom size to 7 students, so we can monitor their understanding of the tasks necessary to complete the project and retain knowledge of the concepts taught in each class. Students will get a flash drive at the end of the course and a certificate of completion. Students create and explore industry leading software for game design, illustration, graphics, animations, while learning new skills and having a blast! The Studio will provide all computers (one for each student), handout and all needed software.

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