Our Recommended List of Art Supplies

We have been asked many times about the art supplies we use at the studio and favorite brands we recommend. After several years in business, we do know a thing or two about art materials.


Below you will find a list of our favorites brands and kits. We will update this list as soon as we find something new and awesome to share. 

These are only recommendations from products we have tested at the Studio.

We are working with Amazon to offer you the convenience of having these products delivered at your door. But there are many other places you can find the same products and brands listed here.

Please note that some products might include affiliated links. We may get a few dollars from purchases using these links, just so you know!

Live Streaming Acrylic Art Sessions Supplies:

For any painting session, we recommend a cup for water, a rag or paper towel, set of 3 brushes (big/medium/small), paper plate for paint palette, one surface to paint on (canvas, panel, mixed media paper), acrylic paint (primary colors, black and white at least), along with regular pencil and eraser for the drawing part.

The list below includes kits of more than what you will need for one session. However, by buying more than one item needed, you will be ready to join future sessions without having to worry about supplies! Or, you can keep painting and having fun with what you have learned during our art session!

Basic Recommended Art Supplies: