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Batik(ish)Art Kit

Glue Resisting decoration/t-shirt inspired by the traditional fabric of Indonesia. For this project, we are adapting the “traditional batik” technique to a simple and fun activity using great (and safe) supplies to help you create a fantastic and unique batik-ish-style piece of art!

Each box includes an informative Handout with step-by-step instructions and all art materials needed for the completion of the art project. Supplies included: 1 Large square white cotton fabric, 1 White cotton t-shirt, 1 Washable School Glue tube, Various colors of acrylic paint, and 1 Paint sponge.

*Note: acrylic paint doesn’t wash out of fabric, so wear clothes that can get messy.

Modigliani Self-Portrait Art Kit

Inspired by the work of Modigliani, this art kit includes all necessary supplies and instructions for a fantastic self-portrait experience, utilizing acrylic on canvas.

Each box includes all necessary art supplies and an informative Handout with step-by-step instructions for a successful art project to help you create a masterpiece inspired by artist Modigliani.

Art materials included: 1 canvas 9x12, 1 pencil, 1 eraser, 1 set of 3 brushes, 1 cup for water, 1 set of 8 acrylic paint (primary and secondary colors/black/white)

Mixed Media on Canvas Art Kit – Owl

Glitter liquid watercolor and permanent marker on canvas for a fantastic owl project!

Each box includes all art materials needed and an informative Handout with step-by-step instructions.

Supplies included: 1 canvas 9x12, set of 8 acrylic paint, set of 3 brushes, one black permanent marker, one pencil, one eraser.

Oil Pastel Resist inspired by Georgia O'Keeffe

Each box includes all art supplies needed for the project and an informative Handout with step-by-step instructions on how to draw a Georgia O'Keeffe inspired flower using oil pastel and liquid watercolor on watercolor paper. Art supplies included in this box: 1 black oil pastel, liquid watercolor (set with primary and secondary colors - 6 total), 1 set of (3) brushes, 3 units 90 lbs 9x12 watercolor white paper, clear cup for water and 1 clear cup with table salt.