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When can I register for art class?

Answer: Registration is open from beginning of August through end of May. Most families register prior to the beginning of the art program, by mid-august. Considering Little Blank Canvas' Art Program is an ongoing program running through the School Year (September through May), with weekly classes for children ages 4 yr. and up, you are welcome to register any time during the program for a pro-rated fee.

Do you offer classes for toddlers or kids younger than 4 yr.?

A Toddler's Art Program is also offered during the School Year consisting of weekly Escort your Artist - Art Mommy and Me - classes and Art & Music classes for children ages 18 months and up. Little ones are welcome to join in the program anytime!

How much do you charge for an art class

The average cost for any of our art classes is less than $20 per hour, with all art supplies included. You are welcome to pay per single class, monthly or even yearly in the beginning of every school year for a discounted rate. Click here for more information about our tuition schedule/rates.

Are there any other charges when registering for the art program?

An annual registration fee of $35 per family is charged at the time of enrollment and renewed annually during the school-year registration. This fee is not refundable or transferable. When you enroll your child, the annual registration fee and current month’s tuition are due immediately. Your tuition covers all needed materials - so no extra charge or list of supplies during the year

Can I register to attend one month or a few classes instead of attending classes during the entire school year?

When you enroll your child, you are enrolling for the full school year. If you need to cancel your membership, we ask you to inform the Studio at least by the 20th of the month prior to your cancellation. In case you just want to bring your kids a few days during the month, we would suggest registering for our monthly events on Fridays. Click here to learn more about our Monthly events.

Are art spplies included in the tuition?

Yes!! The cost of all High Quality Fine Art Supplies is included in the tuition fee. When you enroll for our program, you won't be asked to pay any additional fees or bring anything. I know, this is pretty shocking news!!

I want to sign up my kids to attend your Art Program. What are my options when paying their tuition?

Tuition may be paid: Monthly: payments are due on or before the 1st of the month and a late fee of $15 will be charged after the 5th of the month; yearly: payment for a full year is due in full at registration (5% discount) - available only by the first day of class.

Question: Do you offer automatic drafts from my bank account or debit/credit card if I decide to pay monthly or quarterly?

Do you offer automatic drafts from my bank account or debit/credit card if I decide to pay monthly or quarterly?

Yes. If you would like to sign up for our FREE Auto Drafts, inform the Front Desk. We would need you to complete a form giving us authorization in writing and providing the information needed. We won't charge you extra for this service. In case you need to cancel your subscription or update your information, please inform the studio at least 10 business days prior to the next draft.

I signed up my kids to attend your art program and paid for the year in advance. How many classes do you have per school year?

The SCHOOL YEAR consists of 34-36 WEEKS/CLASSES FOR EACH AGE GROUP MEETING ONCE A WEEK FOR ONE HOUR (please read more about about Policies HERE and Golden Rules HERE). We consider a quarter with 12 classes and a month with 4 classes.

Do you offer classes during the Summer, Winter break and Spring Break?

During Summer/Winter/Spring Breaks the Studio offers Art Camps. You can register for one day, two, three, four, or for the entire week!

Does the Studio follow Guilford County School Calendar for Holidays, Inclement Weather and closings?

We make every effort to provide families with updated information about our schedule, closings, holidays etc. In case of inclement weather, we ask families to check our website, Facebook page or call us to confirm a class will be offered at the studio. If it is safe for our instructors to drive to and from the Studio, the Studio will be open, even when schools are closed. We are open most holidays, except for thanksgiving, christmas, new years, labor, memorial and independence day.

Can my kids try one of your classes before deciding if we want to join in the program?

Of course! Trial Classes are offered when new students want to try us before commiting or registering for our Art Program. This is not a FREE class but a "trial", and if you don't like what you have tried, you dont have to pay for it! In case you LOVE the class, you can enroll right after class and start attending classes weekly!

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