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Hi, my name is Flavia Schaeffer Nazareth.

As a Certified Transformational Parent Coach, Teen Coach Specialist, Certified Trauma-Informed Coach and Art Therapy Practitioner (non-medical), I bring a holistic approach to mental health for families, children and teenagers.

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You are more than a diagnosis

What is MAP?
A compassionate, responsive approach to guiding you to your authentic self - based on child development, neuroscience and neurobiology discoveries.

What families are saying about MAP

Nicole S., NC

Private Sessions client

MAP has strengthened our family bonds, taught us how to recover from a state of heightened anxiety, and has given us hope for our future. Before we found about Flavia’s program, we had exhausted the limited mental health resources available for our two children. 
Our oldest child had been experiencing anxiety and had gone through a year of virtual therapy with little success. Shortly after, our younger daughter experienced a traumatic event at school that led to severe depression and social anxiety. As parents, we felt lost in a system that didn’t provide us with tools to help our children at home. Through Flavia’s holistic approach, we are learning to love and trust ourselves and each other.

Courtney M., NC

Parent Coach Client

Working with Flavia has absolutely transformed the way I parent my children. Especially with young, school-aged kids, I found myself running ragged trying to be, do, and provide everything for them, all the time. I had grown accustomed to simply existing alongside my little ones and didn’t know how to intentionally plug into their emotions and create a real connection. 
In our sessions, Flavia listens with the most attentive, non-judgmental heart. She helps me get to the root of the issues I’m experiencing, often tracing my reactions and parenting habits back to my own childhood to help me uncover deep-seated thought patterns and behaviors. It’s been truly eye-opening and fascinating to learn why I am the way I am, and why my children are the way they are.
She’s also equipped me with tools and strategies to use in times of conflict and stress to help recenter my family and bring us back to our core values. 

With this new level of understanding, I can be the focused, present parent I’ve always wanted to be. While I’m certain I’ll make missteps along the way, Flavia has also shown me practical ways to ground and re-center so I can cultivate forgiveness within myself and my family, and keep trying again.

This process has been nothing short of life-changing for me and the ones I love.

Cristine M., NC

Pre-School Teacher - training participant

Flavia brought a much needed reflection to our preschool on why we do what we do and challenged us with new ways of dealing with the many challenges we face as educators. I was reminded of the huge responsibility that we have as teachers in being educated in the best ways to deal with the needs of our kids. How we deal with their behavior and emotions can break them or make them thrive!
Being updated on the latest findings about neurodevelopment, nervous system regulation, how children learn best, etc. should be at the forefront of every teacher improvement plan. The responsibility we have is just too big! I see myself now constantly looking at my students with different eyes and an understanding that goes beyond their behavior, knowing that their behavior is their communication.

Her training also helped me realize that before I walk into a classroom one of the most important things I can do is make sure I am regulated in my emotions so that I am ready to be fully present and able to discern the needs of each individual child.

Every teacher needs to be reminded of just how impactful their life can be and how to better use their opportunity to help a child thrive! I highly recommend this training with Flavia to every school!

Teshia F., NC

Coaching 4Teen client

I could have written pages and pages on how thankful we are for you!  WE LOVE YOU! 


I mean this with complete sincerity, God put you on this planet for this...your nurturing heart is such an honor to experience.

Ms. Flavia has been such a positive support in our daughters journey and our parenting of her.


Our teenager daughter has had moments of anxiety and depression; as parents we have tried various things to help her but it wasn’t until her sessions with Ms. Flavia that she began to understand and implement different tools of managing her stress and moods.

Ms. Flavia’s has built an environment, where our daughter feels comfortable and safe to grow and challenge herself.


We trust Ms. Flavia and strongly feel that because of her time with our daughter her coping and self awareness have blossomed.

MAP Services

The purpose and mission of my work at MAP is to support, care, guide and assist families, teens and children based on my life experience, as a mom, child educator, art therapy practitioner and through all the Certifications and trainings I have completed throughout my journey.

I am NOT a Licensed Therapist/Counselor and use my tools and experience as a mentor/coach in a non-medical/non-diagnosis setting. 

What we hear from our clients:

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