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Certifications &

Here are just a few of my recent certifications and trainings in the area. To learn more about me, click below.

  • Law School - Universidade Candido Mendes - Rio de Janeiro Brazil - Class of 1998.

  • Pos-Graduate Degree - Litigation, Civil Law and Civil Procedure - Universidade Estacio de Sa - Rio de Janeiro Brazil 

  • Project Management Certification - E-Cornell University

  • Trauma-Informed Certification for Coaches - The Centre for Healing

  • Certified Art Therapy Practitioner (non-clinical)

  • Certificate in Depression in Children and Youth - Institute of Child Psychology. 

  • Certificate in Childhood Anxiety - helping children heal - Institute of Child Psychology. 

  • Certificate in Helping Children with Grief and Loss - Institute of Child Psychology. 

  • Certificate in Dialectical Behavior Therapy DBT - Skills Training for Children and Adolescents - Rescuing the Dysregulated Child - PESI. 

  • Certified Transformational Parent Coach - Graduate The Jai Institute for Parenting.

  • (In Progress) Certified Teen Coach Specialist - The Parent Coaching Brasil

  • Workshops and Trainings in Mindfulness, Body-Mind healing, non-violent communication, ADHD in children and teens, Mindsight (Daniel Siegel), Deep Feeling Kids - Dr. Becky Kennedy - Good Inside, Highly Sensitive People - Institute of Child Psychology.

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