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by Flavia Schaeffer Nazareth
Family & Mental Health Coach

Certified Art Therapy Practitioner
Founder of Little Blank Canvas

As a Certified Art Therapy Practitioner, specializing in Child's anxiety, ADHD and trauma, and Parenting Coach (student at the Jai Institute of Parenting), I provide an unique and holistic approach that combines positive psychology concepts, non-violent communication and trauma release tools with a variety of tolls including art therapy processes.

My method is designed to support families, children, teens, and young adults in developing healthy coping strategies, fostering emotional regulation, growth, connection and cultivating a deeper sense of self-awareness and self-compassion.

Whether it's through individual or group sessions, my approach is tailored to meet the specific needs and goals of each client, helping them find a greater sense of meaning and purpose in their lives.

Hello and welcome to my newest space, MAP!

Since opening Little Blank Canvas in 2013, I have noticed an increased need for individualized support for children, teens and families. 

As a Child Educator and the head of Little Blank Canvas for over 10 years, I have seen firsthand the power of creative expression and mindfulness practices in helping individuals navigate life's challenges and cultivate greater well-being.


I believe that art and mindfulness provide a unique and effective way to support emotional and psychological growth and help individuals tap into their innate strengths and resources, specially for kids and teens.

The need to open a separate place for MAP - Mindful Art Practice came with the increase number of families looking for more than just art classes in a group setting - aiming the benefits of the therapeutic effects of my work. My own journey to a healthier and more balanced life, including my personal and family challenges shaped me into moving to a new purpose in my journey to healing and connecting.

By opening Mindful Art Practices, I am able to create a safe and supportive space for clients to explore their inner selves, express their emotions, and develop a deeper sense of self-awareness and self-compassion in a private setting.

Combining my decade experience working with children and teens with my own life learning experiences, tools and skills from being a Certified Art Therapist Practitioner, alongside with my training in Positive Psychology (non-aggressive communication), Child's Anxiety, ADHD and my coaching certification as Transformational/Responsive Parenting Coach - student at The Jai Institute for Parenting, it is my hope that my services will help children and families thrive, and ultimately contribute to a happier, more compassionate and connected world.

You are more than a diagnosis

MAP Services


Private sessions are ideal for teens, young adults and families looking for an individualized guidance/care in a non-medical therapeutic journey.

Great for families with kids showing symptoms of anxiety, trauma related behaviors, ADHD and more.


We work alongside psychotherapists to create an art-based plan to assist in your medical treatment tailored by your mental health provider in partnership with MAP. 


Group sessions in a workshop format bringing tools in responsive parenting, positive psychology, art therapy practices, and mindfulness processes.


We provide training to educators in our MAP Method, creating a community of creative and authentic people fostering a respectful, gentle, responsive and connected way to parent and educate children and teens.

What is MAP?
A compassionate, responsive approach to guiding you to your authentic self - based on neuroscience and neurobiology discoveries.

The purpose and mission of my work at MAP is to care, guide and assist families, teens and children based on my life experience, as a mom, child educator, art therapy practitioner and through all the Certifications and trainings I have completed throughout my journey.
I am not a Licensed Therapist/Counselor and use my tools and experience in a non-medical/non-diagnosis setting. 

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