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Mindful Art of Parenting

Discover your own parenting manual


I am Flavia Nazareth. I am a mom of a teen and a Certified Parent Coach.

I know, we have all begged for a manual: How to be a parent, or how to make my child listen, or even, what am I doing wrong as a parent?

I have been there. I was once lost too. Frustrated. I remember the pain, the suffering, the anger. I would yell. Punish, bribe and even manipulate.

Yes. it felt awful. And it was not working at all. 

Until I started my own coaching pathway and started to transform my relationship with my daughter.

Now I have access to my own parent manual. And it is my mission to empower you to discover your own!

From yelling to connection. From frustration to joy!

It’s not too late to turn things around.

How to work with me and
become a Mindful Parent.

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